B is for Birth

I am also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and have undertaken specialist training in breast-feeding management and nutrition

I have spent time living in California, supporting hospital births, and offering post-natal support within a different healthcare system and birth culture.
Whilst there, I completed a  ‘Herbs as Medicine’ course, taught by a leading Biopharmacutical Sciences Professor.

My Story 

​​​​​​I studied at The Farm, in Tennessee, with award winning midwife, prolific author and one of the founders of America’s natural birth movement, Ina May Gaskin.​

From Ina May’s website : - “She has lectured all over the world at midwifery conferences and at medical schools, both to students and to faculty. 
She was President of Midwives’ Alliance of North America from 1996 to 2002. 
1997, she received the ASPO/Lamaze Irwin Chabon Award and the Tennessee Perinatal Association Recognition Award. 
In 2003 she was chosen as Visiting Fellow of Morse College, Yale University. 
In 2009, she was conferred with the title of Honorary Doctor by the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences of Thames Valley University in London, England. 
In 2011, she was chosen as one of four recipients of the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize), given in an award ceremony before the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm...Ina May Gaskin (2011 USA)
"for her whole-life's work teaching and advocating safe, woman-centred childbirth methods that best promote the physical and mental health of mother and child."