​​What Clients Say 

"Isabel, the superhero!
It was a warm September evening when our little boy decided that he would prefer to be born at home - ignoring all our arrangements for a hospital birth!

With my hospital bag packed and my contractions happening every seven to eight minutes, I knew we would make it to the hospital in good time, or so I thought! Within an instant, my contractions became more frequent and we immediately knew that I wasn't able to go anywhere! My husband called for an ambulance, but panic filled our home when the emergency services informed us that it would take an hour before the paramedics would arrive! With the baby on its way, this only meant one thing... there was no other option but for my husband to deliver the baby!!
Then, my quick thinking husband remembered Isabel and her experience - thank goodness! Isabel dropped everything after receiving the call and literally ran to our home. As soon as she arrived, Isabel took complete control of the whole situation - the atmosphere went from panic-stricken to calm. I hadn't known Isabel long and so felt a little awkward when she asked if she could examine me, however, this feeling was diffused within seconds - Isabel had the ability to make me feel 100% comfortable with her. Her clear knowledge in just moments of being there inspired me with absolute confidence, and I knew that if I listened and followed her guidance then the birth had the potential of going really well. Isabel encouraged me right the way through, she kept me on track with the breathing and talked me through what was happening when necessary. She was completely focused and committed to the end. When the paramedics arrived they immediately saw I was in capable hands, and so remained in the background. Isabel delivered a healthy 7lb 5oz baby boy, Matteo.
We are forever grateful for Isabel and the way she pressed pause on her own life to be there for my husband and me when we needed her most! Matteo will grow up knowing what a special person she is!!
Thank you, Isabel!" - Hannah 

 "I don’t know what we would have done without her!’ During my pregnancy, she helped us to understand what would happen during the birth, and we felt so much more prepared after spending time with her. She never left our side during the birth itself, and she got on really well with all the hospital midwives, which created a really nice atmosphere for the birth. With her support and encouragement, I felt remarkably calm and I found the birth experience so much easier than I thought I would.

"When we got home from the hospital, it was so helpful to have a helping pair of hands. I didn’t have to think or worry about anything other than recuperating from the birth and spending time as a family with our new baby" - Flora

From Jessica and Eric 

“At first I didn’t really understand about the role of a birth practitioner, and why we would need one. After our first meeting with Isabel, we found that that she was really knowledgeable and approachable and easy to work with. We felt much more confidant and relaxed about the birth after we had met her, and began to look forward to it for the first time!

"We were able to enjoy the birth and the first few weeks much more than other people we know, because we had so much support from Isabel. I would recommend her services, particularly to first time Dads like me. I didn’t have a lot of experience with babies and wanted to have the best possible, stress free, start for my new family” - Nick 

"Isabel was so helpful in coaching both my wife and myself through the whole process. She was like the glue between the doctors, nurses and us that kept the whole thing running smoothly. She was an expert in identifying and communicating what was happening physiologically as well as emotionally, not just on the delivery day but also the weeks leading up to delivery. Especially for a couple like us that were miles from home, her support meant so much. She was there even after the birth to help us get settled with our new baby.

By the end, we trusted her completely, and she simply became like family to us and our beautiful baby girl." - Eric, Los Angeles 

B is for Birth

​​"This was my third baby, and using B is for Birth gave me a very different birth experience from the first two I had. I had epidurals before, but I really wanted to have a fully natural birth this time. I booked Isabel from B is for Birth because, even though I knew my husband Scott would be there, I thought I’d have a much better chance of having the birth I wanted with some specialised support.”
I talked to Isabel about what I hoped my birth would be like, and what I wanted to be different this time. As it was my third baby, I knew what to expect from childbirth, and felt that I could have a better and more pleasant experience if I had extra support.”

“As soon as I went into labour I called Isabel and she arrived straight away, as she was on 24-hour call and was prepared to meet us at any time. She helped me through the birth, encouraged and supported me, she knew what to say and do at the right time, which was just what I needed. She stayed with us at the whole time at the hospital. Scott was able to just focus on being there when I wanted him, but didn’t have all the pressure of worrying about saying and doing the right thing.”

“When we arrived home Isabel had already prepared some delicious healthy meals for the whole family, they’d been nutritionally designed to help me heal and recover after the birth and the kids loved them too! This meant I was able to relax and not have to worry about shopping, cooking and eating healthily, as it had all been done for me. I recovered a lot more quickly from the birth this time round, and I’m sure that was because of the natural birth, and because I was eating so well afterwards.” - Lynette