B is for Birth

First time mothers, keen to have the best birth experience possible, with continuous and reliable birth support and post-birth care

Mothers having subsequent babies, who are looking for support when juggling the needs of a newborn, and their existing family

International clients, help with navigating the NHS options available and a helping pair of hands at home with their newborn

Women who have previously had a caesarian section, and would like to have natural birth experience

Women who know that they want more continuity and support than the NHS can currently offer

Families living away from friends and family who would like continuous support during birth and at home with their newborn 

Hiring a Birth Practitioner allows the family to have the reassuring role of somebody experienced in the world of birth, who understands the physical and emotional changes, and what support is needed, before, during and after the arrival of your baby. This role is sometimes known as 'Mothering the Mother'.

​Why B is for Birth?

I offer a 24 hour on call service in the lead up to the birth, support throughout labour and attendance at the hospital for as long as required.

This includes support through pregnancy, advice on nutrition and exercise, as well as helping the woman and her partner to prepare emotionally and practically for the birth.

Aside from extensive experience supporting women and their partners through the birth, I also offer a unique service encompassing nutritional advice, personal chef service, help and advice with breast feeding, and infant massage techniques.

Birth Packages are perfect for:

After the birth, I help with settling in with your newborn, establishing breast feeding, and helping the Mother to recover physically and emotionally after the birth. I also provide a personal chef service, providing a range of meals designed for the whole family to enjoy, with a nutritional focus aimed at maximising the mothers recovery.